Time for ‘Year of the Snake’

Year of the Snake

Excitement is starting to build here in Maine for the ‘Year of the Snake’ festivities for the Lunar New Year that begins on February 10th.  I have enjoyed being an active member of the Chinese & American Friendship Association of Maine (CAFAM) for years and we host an impressive event that attracts a huge crowd.  These days I’m busy preparing Chinese New Year snake crafts for the activity tables for our event on February 9th.

These crafts need to be crowd-pleasers so I make sure they can be prepared in large quantities and are simple enough for young crafters on the go.  I’ve designed snake puppets and other snake projects along with traditional crafts like hong bao.  You are most likely busy planning your own celebrations to share with family, friends and your community.  Xīn Nián Kuài Lè!

4 thoughts on “Time for ‘Year of the Snake’”

  1. Our daughter is from Jiangxi Province too – Ruijin. She is 13 now and we also have an 11 year old from Zhanjiang in Guangdong Province.

    Is the book available for shipping yet?


    • Yes Marilyn,
      I have limited quantities this month but I can definitely fulfill your order!

  2. Hi –

    I am sorry I have not written sooner. I received the book in time for our Chinese New Year event. It is a fantastic book. Everyone I have shown it to loves it and one person just ordered it. I am going to post it on our FCC email group today. Also am working on adding list of resources to our website and will include yours. After spending hours looking up crafts on the internet, it is great to have this book.
    Thanks so much.
    Marilyn Jacobs
    Indianapolis, IN

    • Hello Marilyn,
      I am so thrilled that you love the book! Thank you for spreading the word! I put my heart into it and hope it is a great resource for you, your friends and your local groups that love Chinese culture. Stay in touch! 🙂

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