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Written and illustrated
by Jennifer DeCristoforo

Over 100 Projects & Ideas Celebrating Chinese Culture


Why I Wrote the Book

Let’s start in Jiangzi Province, China in 2003 when I met my beautiful daughter. I had no idea where the parenthood journey would lead, or that my years of creative pursuits and passion for China would inspire me to write a book. As I learned how to be a mom, I also tried to bring Chinese culture into our family life as much as possible. I was good at art and making things, so this was a great way to spend time together, even when my daughter was a toddler. We celebrated (and still do) the Chinese holidays, and I loved taking traditional Chinese crafts and figuring out how to simplify them for young hands.

Earlier on, after earning a Master’s from Rhode Island School of Design in Art Education, I enjoyed many career paths including educational publishing editor, public school K-6 art teacher, freelance illustrator, and gift product development manager. When I look back now, it seems natural that I would eventually take the best of each experience and create something totally new.

So it was on to the writing, craft prototypes, research, and illustration. I took my time (which is code for having to slip in the time when I could at all hours, to fit into a busy work and parenting life). But it was fun, creative, and challenging right up through handling the overseas printing and shipment.

My daughter continues to be the daily inspiration for sharing my book and craft ideas with others. We live in a picturesque coastal Maine town and thrive on the peaceful pace, the kind people, and the natural surroundings we call home.

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